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The girl who prefers her flowers dead...

A blog from the bath. It's amazing what apps can do for when the moment to write strikes! I am a bath queen! It's no coincidence the Bombshells & other bath items feel so good. It's because I love baths. So tonight while enjoying truly the best gluten free (or non gluten free) cookies in the world, from a company who's story I seriously dig, it struck me that when people ask "how did you start doing all this"....well, this is how. Because this is how I live.

It's been awhile since I posted about why I use natural ingredients; some of the great benefits in things you'd never think. The probably somewhat "weird" ways I use things & why. Honestly, I sometimes forget not everyone knows how Mother Nature provides a really great rainbow of ways to naturally do what we spend so much money on unnaturally solving.

Tonight's bath tea & my hot drinking tea are both Hibiscus. Yes, I often take Tea Baths w/combos of herbs & dried flowers. In soaptions, I use Hibiscus to boil or just crush & add to create the reddish/pink color in some of the soaps. But it isn't just for color. Like most of my natural colorant, it serves a skin loving benefit as well. From acne, to anti aging, to hair growth & eliminating dandruff; Hibiscus is one that has several body benefits.

I use it myself to drink thanks to the Vitamin C & antioxidants, especially when the weather's changing & I know my sinuses & immune system need the boost. & I use it to bathe/cleanse my face due to the AHA (alpha hydroxy acid: anti aging, reduces wrinkles) It also improves complexion, tightens skin,& reduces dark circles (which I need lately)

Hibiscus has a long list of other properties as well. The effects of drinking it are comparable to blood pressure meds based on many studies.

It's known for:

~ Helping Lower Cholesterol

~ Aid indigestion

~ Increase Hemoglobin

~ Respiratory tract infections can be treated using hibiscus. Hibiscus has antibacterial properties which is helpful in treating infections and relieve illness like whooping cough and reducing fever.

~ Helps prevent excessive bleeding during menstruation and relieves cramps.

There's a lot that can be found from a dead, dried flower! & I'm the weird girl who's researched & prefers them to the living kind (which usually just make me sneeze)

Amber ♥

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