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My "Soap"box... 

Sweet Emotions is about inspiring people that natural skincare can be affordable, accessible, and most of all appealing! As the name alludes, I want to evoke people's senses of sight, smell,& most importantly how it feels. By making it look "good enough to eat" people don't feel like they're giving up what they love to be healthy.
Life is Short:Go Naked is about making it fun while also leaving it as natural as possible. By leaving the soap "naked" & coloring it using herbs, clays & mica minerals; as well as re-useable & re-fillable packaging, we're trying to show people you can be earth friendly and "Hippy Chic" at the same time.
Lastly is the concept that in business we should give back to the communities in which we thrive. The Bar for Bar program is an example for customers that we truly embody the phrase "to whom much is given, much is expected". 
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