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Lip Scrub and Lip Gloss together in a cute little bag, make for a great gift for others or yourself! This 2 step combo will ensure that your lips stay soft, hydrated, moisturized, and kissable all winter long! 

Lip Scrub: We specifically formulate this for lips. One of the main reasons that lips can become chapped, flaky and are susceptible to sun damage is that our lips do not have oil producing glands. Exfoliating them with a properly blended scrub not only makes them soft (& yes, more kissable) but it also makes your lip cosmetics last longer, and moisturizing your lips with a scrub actually prevents chapping in the future.

Glossy Balm: This is one of our best products, as it both seals, protects, and adds shine to your lips! You can use as a base under your lipstick, or as a top coat.

How often? Once a week is recommended, and more in the winter months.

Luscious Lip Protection Kit


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