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>Did you know caffeine intake, allergies,& hormonal imbalance can be the cause for dry flaky lips? 
>Did you also know that Lip scrub benefits include prepping your lips, allowing lipstick to stay on longer?! 

Lip scrub is an essential for any self care routine. Our lip scrub is made with a gentle demurra sugar, & is rich in jojoba,shea butter,coconut oil,& avocado oil. Its even antibacterial! Lip scrub unclogs pores that contribute to chapped lips, protects from weather, hydrates, moisturizes,& the sugar not only exfoliates;but its a humectant that draws moisture from the air to the skin. These little containers are PACKED with lip goodness! Pair with our lip balm to seal in those benefits. 

Lip Scrub

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