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Indulge your face in this luxurious cocoa & yogurt facial mask. Just add water, tea, milk, or your preferred facial liquid to create a facial good enough to eat!

This is a calorie free way to indulge in chocolate! Let your skin drink up the skin benefits that cocoa has to offer. Cocoa is rich in antioxidants; specifically, the category called flavanols. These have been studied and linked to assisting in protecting the skin from UV rays, due to the properties in flavanols. 
Also present in cocoa, is theobromin. This is known to increase the flow of blood to the surface of the skin. This increased blood flow could stop the skin drying out in the way it characteristically does when you get sunburnt.

The other main ingredient of yogurt powder attributes to the mask's ability to soothe, soften & rejuvenate skin. Combined with illite clay & oatmeal to help tighten & tone skin, exfoliate dead skin cells, & reduce inflammation.

Hot Cocoa Facial Mask


Fathers Day

  • Ingredients: cocoa, yogurt powder, brown illite clay, & oatmeal.
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