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"Fur"-fume is a great way to both help your pups smell good, while adding a healing and aromatherapy aspect depending on which scent you choose. 

As with all of our Doggie Line, these are CDO (Chief Doggie Officer) approved by Cooper & Chloe. 
There is the classic "Bug Off", which combines 7 essential oils to help repel bugs, fleas, & ticks; while also providing a relief for Hot Spots and dry skin. 
"Relax", which does exactly what it says; it helps relax anxious dogs. 
"Soothe" is an essential oil blend targeted specifically at dogs with skin issues.
"Muscle and Joint" is made up of essential oils that are known to assist with relief for muscles and joints.

Simply spritz on your pups as often as needed, and give them a little massage every once in awhile to help work the oils into the skin. The aloe, vegetable glycerin, and witch hazel (alcohol free) base will provide a hydrating, relieving, and much needed moisturizing to your dog's skin. 


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