Our long lasting eco-soy melts add the perfect touch of scent when melted. The soy wax holds scent beautifully, and will have a longer lasting affect. Our Eco Soy Melts:~Are made, beginning with a pure, 100% natural soybean base and complimented with premium botanical oils.~Contain no pesticides or herbicides.~Are a non-petroleum renewable resource.~Are biodegradable and so safe their components are edible (not recommended).~Are made ecologically, striving to use nothing but non-genetically modified soybeans.~Burn longer and cooler than paraffin candle waxes.~Burn clean, with little to NO carbon build up.~Are environmentally friendly, promoting the growth and care of the environment by utilizing plants.~Contribute to the reduction of our dependency on crude oil.~Are made from domestically grown crops supporting US farmers and economy.

Eco Soy Wax Melt

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